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KICKSTART DAY 6: Value of a Challenge Pack


Quote of the Day: “Health is a relationship between you and your body.” ––Terri Guillemets


Understanding the value of Challenge Packs will give you greater confidence when you are talking to potential customers.


Challenge Packs really allow us to offer the full Beachbody experience at a great value to those we are trying to help.


Challenge Packs bundle Shakeology with a fitness program, and offer them great savings. In fact, a Challenge Pack is like buying Shakeology and getting your Beachbody fitness program for just $10 (or $30, $50, etc., depending on the CP/fitness bundle purchased).


Make sure you're taking time to get to know the needs to your client before making any recommendations. Then be sure to explain that the Challenge Pack includes their first month of Shakeology, and that with HD it will ship them a fresh bag every month after that, unless they decide to cancel. Having HD allows them to waive shipping, so I also always make sure to mention this as well.


 You can also let them know that they don’t HAVE to be on Shakeology forever, but while they’re in the Challenge Group, it is a requirement to drink Shakeology every day so they get the best results. Remember, you’re making an investment in them, and it’s okay to ask for them to make an investment in themselves to get the results they want.


If, after the Challenge Group, they feel like they’ve learned enough about nutrition to be able to cook all their meals in the right calorie proportions, incorporating the right balance of superfoods from around the world to provide the right antioxidants and phytonutrients their body needs on a daily basis—great! Most people will find it to be an incredible value and time savings to simply enjoy a delicious Shakeology shake once a day!


Take the time to learn about our Challenge Packs, especially the ones available at a promotional price this month! Each month a different challenge pack special is announced in the Challenge Pack FAQ in your COO. Be sure you are checking in there to get all the details about Challenge Packs, including pricing and commissions.




**Under the sales and marketing tab in your COO are resources for each fitness program including promo videos for each program that link back to order from you!! I save links to my most frequently requested program videos in a canned response in gmail to easily access when people want to learn more. Also under this tab you'll find program guides to learn more about leading a challenge focused on any program you choose.*^




1. Print out your BAT form (it's at the top of the kickstart training page) and start checking it off daily. Also make sure you post your daily accountability (1. a quote from PD 2. your shake and workout today 3. write DONE to specify that you posted 3x on social today 4. write DONE to specify that you took 10 minutes to expand your network and do the 'inviting' excercise)


2. Check out the following training (video) on the Value of Challenge Packs, and how to talk about CPs with others


3. Post a tip on your social media page about ways to stay hydrated and why it matters. Tag your coach in the post.


4. PLEASE don not hesitate to lean on us and one another. There is lots of info coming your way. Take it one day at a time and ask questions as needed here in the group for support!!




Challenge Pack FAQ


Beachbody Challenge Tool Kit


ALL Challenge Group Program Guides

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