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Quote of the Day: “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live!” ––Jim Rohn


Often, new Coaches will feel intimidated when trying to talk about Shakeology. It’s an incredible product that is key in helping people get the results they want, but what’s the best way to convey this to someone else?


In my experience, the best way to talk about Shakeology is to:


  • Use your own experience/testimonial about the product


  • Ask them what intrigues them about it, and how their nutrition is currently.


  • Talk about the benefits as it directly relates to what they shared their needs are, and not the features of the product. (ie: did they say they tend to skip meals, eat fast food, need energy, or have a wicked sweet tooth, speak exactly to what hey told you their issues are. How can this meet a need for them?) 

  • Don’t try to be a scientist (unless you already are one!)


It’s easier to talk about the benefits of Shakeology than to try and learn all the features of the product.


Answer the following questions...


  • How has it helped you?

  • How has it helped your other customers (have you asked them)?


The good news is, people make decisions based the benefits of the product much more than being impressed by the facts and features.


So, do your best to educate yourself, but focus more on sharing YOUR own experience and the benefits of using Shakeology regularly as you invite others to try it for themselves!


Take a quick look at this video (linked below)  by Shakeology co-founder, Darin Olien, on why everyone should drink Shakeology every day.


If you want to learn more, here are some additional resources to help you learn more about Shakeology. I’ve included all the links to view these additional resources below.




1. Print out your BAT form (it's at the top of the kickstart training page) and start checking it off daily. Also make sure you post your daily accountability (1. a quote from PD 2. your shake and workout today 3. write DONE to specify that you posted 3x on social today 4. write DONE to specify that you took 10 minutes to expand your network and do the 'inviting' excercise)


2. Share with the Group here the first names of at least three people you contacted directly from your Contact List and invited to your Challenge Group


3. Post a “post workout picˮ of yourself on your social media page and tag your coach


IMPORTANT TIP!!! Keep it simple, AVOID the temptation to say too much when you talk about Shakeology. Focus on promoting benefits and not features.








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