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KICKSTART DAY 13: The 4 Vital Behaviors of Successful Coaching


Quote(s) of the Day:


"Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” ––Jim Rohn


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle


At Beachbody, we know one of the key secrets to your success as a Coach is to follow the 4 Vital Behaviors EVERY DAY. And they are just that VITAL!!! Without them your business and momentum dies.


During the Launch Phase of your Coach Basics training, you’ve experienced all three of these behaviors already. The key is to turn them into habits that are done consistently DAILY, so they push your business forward day after day!


1. INVITE, INVITE, INVITE. OR ask I like to say Connect, Connect, Connect First, invite to be a friend first and to connect with you, and then invite them to join your Challenge Group. Don’t overcomplicate it—remember, all it takes is talking to people with the intent of helping them.


In fact, take a look at the Contact Lists you have been filling out.


󾰵 How many people have you invited?


󾰵 How many people expressed interested in joining?


󾰵 How many invites do you need to do each week to earn Success Club each month?


2. BE PROOF THE PRODUCTS WORK. You can’t expect someone to join a Challenge Group if you’re not in one yourself. You can't expect people to drink ShakeO daily and do the programs if you aren't. And you can't expect to attract people to be apart of your team and coach if you're not.


You don’t have to have an amazing transformation story; you just need to be on your journey and being CONSISTENT. This business is one about relationships, longevity, and  building trust and rapport. You have to have commitment to the big picture.


3. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. To improve your business you need to improve yourself. When you work on personal development it will help you with every area of your business and give you the confidence to overcome any of the challenges you may encounter along the way.


The goal of PD is to keep growing into the best version of YOU, the one that is capable of fulfilling your biggest scariest dreams. To always be learning and growing.


4. RECOGNITION. Celebrate and reinforce every meaningful achievement and activity that leads to results. In other words... if Success Club and Building a Team are the Goal, then celebrate all the steps that get them there not just the result! 




1. Watch the video from one of my mentors Traci Morrow. Founding coach and all around amazing woman. (If BB is a big family Traci is our great great great great Grandma ;) ) She'd giggle if she heard me say that but she's far up in our upline and Carl refers to her as the moral compass of BB. She has a huge heart and there is so much to learn from her. I know I always do.


2. Print out your BAT form (it's at the top of the kickstart training page) and start checking it off daily. Also make sure you post your daily accountability (1. a quote from PD 2. your shake and workout today 3. write DONE to specify that you posted 3x on social today 4. write DONE to specify that you took 10 minutes to expand your network and do the 'inviting' excercise)


3. Share with the Group the first names of at least three people from your Contact List that you invited to your Challenge Group


4. Post a workout tip to your social media page and tag me in the post. (i.e.: how to occupy your kiddos during your workout, something about form, or how to make a motivating fun playlist)




󾀅  4 Vital Behaviors document:

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