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KICKSTART DAY 10: Handling Objections


Quote of the Day: “Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off our goal.” ––Zig Ziglar


Are you hearing objections? If you're inviting.... OF COURSE you are.


So, let’s be real, everyone hears them regardless of how successful their business becomes. In fact, the most successful people are the ones who’ve received the most “no’s.”


One of the differences between those who are successful and those who aren’t is that they’ve made it a priority to improve in their ability to overcome objections...and you do this by practicing and trying to overcome objections as you get them, not stopping when someone says “no.”


The How to Overcome Objections document is a great resource to learn how to overcome common objections; complete with scripts to help you get started. The video on “Overcoming Objections like a Pro” will also give you some great ideas.


Here’s the main point. If you get objections, it doesn’t mean you’re doing something just means that the person you're talking to doesn’t have enough information yet to make a positive decision. Look at getting an objection like just getting more information from the person that you can use to help them eventually make a positive decision.




So, when you get an objection, stay positive! Ask them questions about their objection and show a sincere interest in helping them (note: avoid asking “yes”/“no” want them talking!).


  • "What are the things you DO like about it?”


  • "In what ways COULD it be a positive thing in your life?”


  • "That’s interesting, can you share more with me why you have that concern?”


Be yourself, but be bold in wanting to help them get past their objection because you know just how much their life will be better and the results they’ll get if they just make the simple choice to give Beachbody a chance! Remember, this is your business and helping people is what you do!




1. Watch the Handling a Objections Video 


2. Print out your BAT form (it's at the top of the kickstart training page) and start checking it off daily. Also make sure you post your daily accountability (1. a quote from PD 2. your shake and workout today 3. write DONE to specify that you posted 3x on social today 4. write DONE to specify that you took 10 minutes to expand your network and do the 'inviting' excercise)


3. Share with the Group the first names of at least three people from your Contact List that you invited to your Challenge Group


4. Post a “post workout” pic of yourself after your workout on your social media page and tag your coach in the post


5. YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA TO TACKLE OBJECTIONS: Post a tip on your social media page, using a pic or video, on how to stay motivated in sticking to a new fitness and/or healthy eating program.


Do a separate post about the value of ShakeO and the Communities we lead.


6. Review the Price & Commitment Objections under the files tab. 


⚠️ Take the opportunity to combat objections publicly, so that you've already addressed it and are speaking to their concerns. It will help you build trust, because if they are already thinking it and you say it, they will know you truly get them and where they are coming from. ⚠️






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