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Goal setting is imperative for your business and your personal life. If you do not know where you are going then you will likely end up somewhere you do not want to be. The big goal for this group is to get to Diamond, but what does that really mean and how do you get there?


Linked below is a Diamond Tracker Chart. Print it out and then look at your Organization as it is right now, Identify who you have on each leg of your business center and who you “players” are (who really wants this).


How many more Coaches do you need on each leg in order to reach diamond? (remember that you need 4 ACTIVE COACHES on Each leg and 1 of them on each leg has to be emerald.)


This is where the team building starts. When you recruit people it is up to you to make sure that they have what they need to be successful in the business. Review the GSR guide in Emerald Training for Coach welcome email and quick start playlist.


Send them a New Coach Welcome Email with their personalized links in it and a link to the GVT training site and/or SYSOF EVERNOTE Business Essentials Training Manual.


Get on the phone with them and find out their interest in coaching, and set some goals (use the business quick start to map out their SC and rank advancements over the next three months) and ensure that they understand what is going on and what the behaviors are that will make them successful (3 vitals/consistency, etc).


You have the luxury of working closely with the people you recruit right now because you are not dealing with a high volume of people yet so leverage that and work with the people who want this!


Get them started with the New Coach Quick Start Playlist & ready to start the next round of Coach Basics. GVT New coach phase 1 & 2 Trainings are the first 2 weeks of every month. This will set the foundation for them, so do not miss this step.




1. Start by completing the Diamond Chart (you can use the pdf uploaded or you can draw it out on a piece of paper). Put ACTIVE coaches in that are already there, and visualize your dream team and put names in where the empty coach circles are. Start to see your organization before it's there so you know exactly who to invite and how to guide them on how to enroll a couple coaches. Once you have your chart drawn out, snap a photo of it and put it in the thread below our daily accountabiiy in our GVT Diamond Dash FB Group


2. Complete the sentence below when you post your diamond chart: " I will be Diamond by ______________. (insert date) "


3. Ask yourself how many people you are talking to each day about the Coaching Opportunity (more than 2????) and do you think that is enough to allow you to accomplish your goal by the date you set? Post below your TRUTHFUL commitment of how many people you'll plant a seed and talk to about the coach opportunity on a DAILY basis


4. Post YOUR daily Accountability ON THE NIGHTLY THREAD (not below):

The # of Challenge Group invites done that day

The # of Invites to the Coaching Opportunity done that day

The # of Facebook Friends Added that day

The # of Minutes of Personal Development Done that day

What Workout and Shakeology done that day

A Screenshot of a conversation you had that day.




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