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I know we normally give you Sundays off, but we are at the tail end with the last two posts of our 21 day push to diamond so if you can't get to this post til Monday that is OKAY, but we're PUSHING FORWARD.


Today's video/post is a LONGER one (one hour don't need to watch the last twenty minutes of this) and it may freak some of you out or conversely give you the kick in the pants you need.  Yup, I said it.  


I personally didn't see this Eric Worre push video til long after I was diamond but in retrospect I essentially did the technique he uses here.  I hunkered down, I flipped a switch, decided to focus on team building, put on my CEO hat and WENT FOR IT.  I booked meetings with people, tea dates, bought an extra box of shakeology to share, and talked about coaching a LOT.


So those of you who think that doing your 5/5/3/2 form and being consistent MOST of the time is going to get you the results you want, you are going to have a painfully long journey to the top.  Consider the actions he talks about in this video and how you can fine tune it so it fits into your life.  


IT's ALL ABOUT TALKING TO MORE PEOPLE AND INVITING MORE....WHICH ALSO MEANS YOU ARE EXPANDING YOUR NETWORK AND FORMING AND CONNECTING DAILY WITH MULTIPLE PEOPLE A DAY!!!  We can provide you with trainings til the day is done but in the end, it's your actions, the contacts that you make and the inviting you do that will change your business.


So, are you ready?  You will need to make some changes, and some sacrifices, but big goals call for big actions, not a lot of talk.  Ready, Set......Here we GO!  




1. post your BIGGEST take away from this video

2. share with the group what changes you are implementing to begin your push

3. share your biggest FEAR and how you'll overcome it, so you can put it to bed.




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