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DAY 19: Creating High Performance Coaches


This is our LAST WEEKEND and final push of emerald to diamond training.  Take some time this weekend to reflect on your Goals, your progress, and if you are on track with your plan.  IN THE END, it's all about INVITING and TALKING TO MORE PEOPLE.  That means planting the seed by simply opening up a conversation with "hey how are you" and giving them the opportunity to SEE your amazing social media efforts and learn what you're up to.  REVIEW your social media pages.  If i didn't know you and i landed on your FB or IG today, from your first THREE posts would i know:


1. I can reach out to you for support with health and fitness

2. that you have an opportunity for me (job related)

3. that anytime i go to your page there will be something of value that i can relate and connect to and take away from?


One of the best gifts you can give your new Coaches is the gift of a successful start! That means getting them started right! Watch this Summit workshop called Creating High-Performance Coaches. Elite Coaches Ashley Mahaffey and Melanie Mitro simplify the new Coach start-up process. Their successful tips will help you onboard your new Coaches and turn out future Diamond leaders.





1. Post your top 3 takeaways from this training.


2. Look back at your diamond road map you just did recently.

Are you taking action?


3. You can spend countless hours learning about how to be successful, but until you actually get busy DOING, it is worthless.  Are you making changes in your attitude and activity?


4. Are you inviting more, selling more Challenge Packs, and sponsoring Coaches?


5. Do you need to make some adjustments to your Diamond Road Map?

Update your diamond coach business model/road map/chart, and take a picture of where you are AT and share it with the Group. More that that, look at where the gaps are and consider what actions you need to take TODAY to fill in your gaps.




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