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Want to be successful? Really successful? The secret is helping others be successful. You're promoted to Emerald and now in order for you to achieve your goals it is all about LEADERSHIP and helping your Coaches build their businesses by getting to Emerald and beyond too.


Remember this is a RINSE AND REPEAT business.  MEANING, make sure you keep everything duplicatable.  It's all about the Vitals, helping them understand success club and success starters, and helping them set goals (personal fitness/wellness goals, as well as SC goals and rank advancement dates - simply ask them, "who do you think would want to join us for the challenge?" to help them get their wheels spinning).  Make sure they have a great experience on their challenge so they are organically excited to share it with others, and that they are indeed inviting others to join your challenge group.


WATCH this incredible presentation we got at Elite Leadership last fall from John Addison.  There were no recordings ALLOWED, so don't judge the camera angle, it's a bootleg video, LOL.


He's such a great speaker and reminds you truly about what LEADERSHIP is.  Remember, your coaches follow your lead. You are their model for success. They are watching exactly what you are doing and trying to copy everything that you do. If you want your Coaches to engage in activities that will lead to success, then you have to be doing those very same activities.


After watching all the videos (or segments) post a few of your favorite take-aways below.  I know i took a lot of notes.  Excited to see some of yours!



Part 1:















Part 2:















Part 3:















Part 4:


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