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QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I saw an angel in the stone and carved it to set it free" - Michaelangelo


Do you spend time every day cultivating the vision of what you want, see yourself AS IF, and get so crystal clear on your mission that you are able to reverse engineer your goals? Do you find that you are ATTRACTING others to you, or are you feeling like you are always chasing others down? Every successful person has a VISION, and when you have not just a vision for YOUR LIFE but have a vision for your TEAM/TRIBE as well, it really helps you with posturing and attracting the right people.


So what is your Vision for your life? What is your mission for your team? And do you know WHO you want to attract?


If you're unsure that's okay, but it's HIGH TIME to get down and dirty on figuring it out. When you first enrolled as a Coach you likely had a vision for your Beachbody business...but you may not have had a mission for your team.


Your vision for your business very likely has changed as you have experienced some success and have a better understanding of the potential you have. Having a mission for your team is as simple as knowing what you want your tribe to look like in the future and what kind of MOVEMENT you want to be a part of. Where are you going TOGETHER? What cause/mission do you all stand for? Get clear on your personal vision and your team mission, and you'll find you're not just building a TEAM of coaches, but rather a TRIBE of coaches.


Since customers are always going to be a focal point of your business and many will become your coaches, you need to be clear who your customers are. What motivates them? What do these people want and need? What are their struggles, and what solution can you offer them? How can you help them?


Crafting your social media posts so that they are directed toward these people will help you attract the right people to your team.


If you need more assistance to discover your vision, mission, and who your tribe is, try this step by step exercise:


STEP ONE: JOURNAL. journal the answer to these questions

• Who are you?

• What do you do?

• Who do you do it for?

• What do people usually come to you for?

• What do you find is most relatable about yourself?


This may help you see what your mission is and who you should be attracting and posturing your posts toward.



STEP TWO: VISUALIZE Visualize yourself and your team in a year from now.....

🔵 Exactly how much money will you make?

🔵 How many Coaches, Emeralds, Diamonds will you have on your Team? Who are they?

🔵 How many will be Success Starters?

🔵 Are you qualified to earn any trips?

🔵 What will your tribe mission be?

🔵 How many people are you helping monthly? How many are joining you tribe?

🔵 What is the IDEAL Coach/Person that you want to become? And who is your IDEAL coach?



Once you have journaled and created a clear mission and vision you can reverse engineer your goals. Write a letter to yourself dated 30 days in the future from today that details your vision along with the goals you have accomplished in 30 days. Be VERY DETAILED. The more detailed you are, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.




1. Watch the Seth Godin Ted Talk on Tribes

2. Start a vision board for YOURSELF. Add categories like travel, lifestyle, career, and miscellaneous goals and desires. Look at it daily. It will help you reverse engineer your daily activities.

3. Write a letter dated 30 days from today expressing all the goals you have reached in a month. Take a picture of your letter and post it in the comments below.




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