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In the video, top coach Megan Ewoldson discusses how she's CONSTANTLY talking about Success club from the SNEAK PEEK, to the GSR call, to the TEAM CULTURE in her team page. So BEFORE her coaches are even coaches, they are thinking about how important this very small goal is for seeing growth in their businesses.


Have you ever REALLY taken notice of how important success club is in our conversations and your growth?  Bottom line, this is a RINSE AND REPEAT business of relationships and duplication, so if you aren't talking SC all the time, then your coaches aren't going to understand the importance of it, nor will they be able to pass it on.


I like to think of the 'rumor' game.  Where you whisper something in someone's ear, and they tell the next person, the next, the next and the whispers come out on the back end and it sounds NOTHING like the first whispers then you have to wonder if you are not being FORTH RIGHT with all the info on the front end.  


Have you ever played this game?  Essentially you ARE every day in your business playing the 'rumor game'. What you do, others will echo, and if they don't get the message LOUD AND CLEAR they will not be able to convey the same information you are.  


So... if you are NOT crystal clear about not only the importance of SC but the duplication of it in your organization, you will have a very hard time building a business.  SURE, not everyone will be driven to be in SC, and not everyone will want more than a discount, but STILL no matter what they want, your obligation is to share SC with them so they understand...


a. how to earn their investment back

b. how to help others and earn residual income (aka have their shakes covered)

c. how to pay it forward so those individuals can do the same selflessly.


Watch Megan Ewoldson's video and you'll quickly learn from another top coach how to do these incredible things in your team do have a PS team page RIGHT?!?:

• Use accountability posts!

• Post RECOGNITION *Constantly*

• Be Available and Patient with helping your team form scripts to use for inviting/overcoming objections

• Remind them of the awesome success club incentives available to them or offer your own if you're ready! It doesn't have to be big! It could be a small gift card or a hand-written note!




1.  CONFIRM that you do have a Personally Sponsored team FB page and IF you don't create one and post a link to your first video to your team announcing your team page!  This is a GREAT way to start your YOUTUBE page if you haven't yet!


2. Watch the attached Megan Ewoldson video and post your three biggest take-aways


3. Do you nightly accountability and post on the NIGHTLY accountability thread.


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