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Quote of the Day: “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” 

––Napoleon Hill

Welcome to the next phase of your training! Congratulations on taking his next step! This phase is called the Emerald phase. Our goal here is to help you reach the next growth milestone in your business: enrolling your first two Coaches and achieving the rank of Emerald.


Up to this point, we’ve focused on helping you find customers from your friends and family. A key step in expanding the number of people you impact is by finding others interested in coaching. Plus, when you start to have a team of Coaches working together, it's just a lot more fun!


I know this concept of “rank advancementˮ can be new, so watch this quick video Beachbody made to explain the concept. “How to Rank Advance video” (LINKED ABOVE)


In this phase of your training, here is what I’m going to ask of you:


☑ Be Consistent: Start setting aside at least an hour a day where you just focus on your coaching business. Getting in the habit of daily activity is critical for your success. Commit to doing this for 30 days and you’ll see the results!


☑ Keep it simple: Always remember that the most important thing you do as a Coach is connect with people and help them with their health and fitness goals. Success comes through adding value to the lives of others in this way, so don’t overthink it—just connect and help people and the rest will follow.


☑ Trust the process: Don’t feel like you need to reinvent the wheel and don’t get impatient. The things I’m going to share with you here have been proven to help Coaches in the stage you’re in right now. 


Trust the process to work for you!




1. Introduce yourself (if you haven't already) to the Group and share your favorite part about being a Team Beachbody Coach.


2. Share with the Group your accountability (1. a quote from PD 2. your shake and workout today 3. write DONE to specify that you posted 3x on social today 4. write DONE to specify that you took 10 minutes to expand your network and do the 'inviting' excercise)


3. Post a Post Workout Pic of yourself to your social media page and tag me or your coach in the post. 2nd post should be something about 1 thing you love about coaching, or something that you've learned from this experience. 



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